AlphaGo Beats The World’s Top Go Player

By Zuzana S. Ikels

Google/Alphabet’s new and improved artificial intelligence program, AlphaGo, just beat the best human player of the game Go as reported by Wired. Go was invented in China thousands of years ago, and it is considered the most complicated game in the world. AlphaGo is the newest version of Alphabet’s artificial intelligence program. According to Google’s DeepMind Lab, AlphaGo was completely redesigned and reconfigured so that the AI system would learn the game from playing the game against itself, as well as analyze the data of wins and losses by humans. Some of the most interesting metaphysical questions about AI are reflected in the win. Human players make moves based on strategy, custom and tradition built into the game and in predicting the personality of the particular player. By contrast, AI learns, through trial and error, each possible approach, learns from losses and wins, and then manipulates and capitalizes on all human playing behavior.   

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